scott  lachlan dickson
Time pause. I want a moment to last a lifetime. I want that moment to have its own life, changing and evolving over the course of its existence. I have this immense desire because it is in moments that I can begin to understand my place in the world.

I primarily work with postcards because they are alive with the scent of purpose for the moment. Unique individual experiences have been captured through image and word; they are inextricably connected to person, place, and time. Over the years however their messages and meanings change just as the world has changed, they have lived.

With intent to add myself to their story, I cut through the cards, create fragments, and fit them in to new forms and new realities. There are no layers, no longer a feeling of what happened before or after. The moments are inlaid along side one another, forced to work together in defining their new direction.

The final images pursue moments that have a sense of peace and reason. They are formed from long walks through neighboring forests, fields, and along bodies of water, where I can find focus and clarity, the ability to pause time.